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Brook Park Salutes America

  The Brook Park Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the City of Brook Park, is proud to promote the Brook Park Salutes America Flag Program, which began in 2012. This continues to be an excellent opportunity for local businesses, organizations, and residents to sponsor a flag.

            The flags are displayed on 20 ft. poles and are flown for approximately sixty days throughout the year, in honor of the various patriotic observances (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Patriots’ Day and Veterans’ Day). A customized sign will accompany each flagpole, which is displayed at the corner of Holland and Engle in the City of Brook Park. Signs can be used to advertise businesses, promote organizations, honor a veteran or remember a loved one.
            The cost for the first year of sponsorship, which includes purchase of the flag kit and sign, is $275 per flag. Renewal in future years is $175 per year. Order and payment must be in by MAY 1, 2013.
How to Reach Us

You can contact us at:

Brook Park Chamber of Commerce
17400 Holland Road
Brook Park, OH 44142
Phone: (216) 898-9755 Fax: (216) 898-9755
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Advertise On Our Website!

For $100 per year you can promote your business here. Receive a link on our homepage and be added to our Member Advertising page.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Brook Park Chamber of Commerce is to help Brook Park's business, industrial and civic interests grow into the 21st Century. The Chamber will act as a continual resource for business growth and development.

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